Frequently asked questions
In this page you can find the questions I am most frequently asked about Geomag, concerning particularly the purchase of pieces. Hopefully, I willl soon be able to add a more interesting one on construction techniques. I will mention once again that this website is private, and it is in no way affiliated with the manufacturer nor any other brand or company which is mentioned in its pages.
1. How many pieces do you have?
This is the most frequent question I am asked about Geomag. The answer is 10605 rods, 5581 panels, and 5274 balls, that is, a total of 21460 pieces.
Press here for a complete graphical representation of my collection.
Having many pieces is good not only because we are able to build big constructions, but also because we can simultaneously work in several different projects, or simultaneously try different solutions for a given one.
2. How did you manage to get so many pieces?
The answer to this is really easy: «I bought them». Too easy as to be asked by so many people, which makes me think that the real question is, in fact, 2. How did you dare to buy so many pieces?
As they say: It is never too late to enjoy a good childhood. As a child, I found all construction games frustrating for different reasons, but the main one was always the chronic lack of pieces as I approached the middle stages of the most interesting projects. Geomag solved nearly every problem I had found in other construction games. Also, I was an adult when Geomag hit the market, and with adult resources and by abandoning other hobbies and adjusting budgets, I could at last contemplate getting enough pieces.
But beware, this doesn't mean that I have got all that I need. There are still several interesting projects which I cannot afford, and I'm afraid that I will never be able to without receiving some lottery prize or something of the sort.
3. Where and how can Geomag be bought in bulk?
Nowhere, no way, at least as far as I have been able to find. If someone does, please tell us (but don't tell us about other, supposedly compatible brands, just genuine Geomag).
4. Can you recommend any online store to buy Geomag?
I have purchased a big part of my collection in two Danish online stores: GeomagShop.Dk and EuroToys.Dk. I have never had the slightest problem with either of them, although of course I cannot warrant anything. I am in no way affiliated with these stores or Geomag SA.
The second one has a complete electronic commerce system, you can use credit cards with different currencies (Denmark is not in the euro zone), etc. With the first one you have to communicate by email in order to accord prices, dates and money transfers. Even so, it has been more flexible on occasions.
Shipping costs are very high in both cases, as the Geomag boxes are very heavy. It will always be appropriate to place a big order made up of several small ones from interested friends or relatives. For the same reason, living in Europe, I don't even consider purchasing at online USA stores, even if some of them apparently have very good prices; by the time the merchandise reaches Europe, prices will not be good any longer, and that with custom taxes still pending.
5. Can you recommend any bricks and mortar toyshop to buy Geomag?
Toys"r"us stores in my area (Madrid, Spain) have been selling Color 400 and Panel 660 boxes at 150 euros. Some correspondants report similar prices in Portugal, France and another points of Spain. This is a lot of money, of course, but the price becomes acceptable when compared to those at other stores; it compares well even with those of the online stores (after factoring out the shipping costs, of course). Besides that, if you are after big quantities, it is not so easy to even find these big boxes.
The prices of smaller boxes are similar to those of other stores, that is, very expensive.
6. Have you ever bought any Geomag at eBay?
It cannot be overlooked that every now and then interesting offers arise in eBay. Usually they are old stocks from Plastwood (the first company which had the manufacturing rights for Geomag), but the pieces are fully compatible and they seem of identical quality. Particularly, some British stores have been selling very cheap big quantities of old silver rods, and perhaps they will again in the future. However, I have never seen in eBay any good offers of current product boxes.
Personally, I have not had any problems with eBay, but I cannot recommend it as a general purchase site.