Welcome to my pages of Geomag constructions. My name is Rafael Millán, and I started this hobby in the first days of 2005, nearly by chance. I can be reached through this page, and also in this forum, where I use «RaM» or «RaM2» as nicknames.
This web site is private, and it is in no way affiliated with the manufacturer.
I have built all the models appearing in these pages myself, although I have many times enjoyed the help of invaluable assistants. Several samples:
There are in these constructions many ideas of my own, but of course, there are also many ideas from other aficionados. I give credit to their authors when I am able to do it, but I often cannot remember where I saw something for the first time, or which exact detail made a particular model possible. I apologize in advance.
In any case, spreading enjoyment and good ideas is what I am after, so these pages can be used freely for any non-commercial application, whether personal or educational. However, neither reproduction in public media nor any commercial use are allowed without prior arrangement with the author. These pages are copyrighted material.
I usually give the piece quantities used for building each construction; all this information appears in the indexes sorted by pieces (bottom of the left-hand menu), Sometimes, this information could be incomplete; also, quantities might not include some displayed ornaments or supports. And, of course, there could be errors.
Of course, feedback on any mistakes, typos, or inaccuracies found in these pages is most welcome. In particular, since my English is far from perfect, I will be very grateful for any corrections of the English pages. My email address can be found in the contact information page.
Some pictures have a link to a bigger, higher resolution version. A tooltip with the text «bigger version» appears in these cases when the cursor hovers over them. When clicking, a bigger picture is automatically opened in a new window.