The giant dodecahedron
This giant dodecahedron is made of ten reinforced rhombicosidodecahedra (those with red panels in the following picture), and ten normal rhombicosidodecahedra (yellow panels). Each one of the thirty edges is made of a reinforced cuboctahedron and two square antiprisms. This model is built to scale 7.33, being 1 the normal, 30-rod, 20-ball dodecahedron.
GEOMAG constructions: The giant dodecahedron (incomplete)
The giant dodecahedron (incomplete)
9627 pieces: 2238 balls, 6237 rods, 366 pentagons, 786 squares (51.09 kg)
A reinforced dodecahedron is placed at the geometric center of the object. Its vertices are attached to those of the giant model (the rhombicosidodecahedra) by radiuses made of a tetrahedron, a triangular prism, and six triangular antiprisms, as shown in this picture:
GEOMAG constructions: Core and radius of the giant dodecahedron
Core and radius of the giant dodecahedron
The main reason for using the core and the radiuses, besides reinforcing the whole object, was to hold the rhombicosidodecahedra of the second level, as they lean more than 31 degrees from the vertical and they cannot stay in place by themselves. Sadly, the construction collapsed while attaching the next to last rhombicosidodecahedron.