Contact information
My name is Rafael Millán, and I can be reached at this email address: ramg (at) textodigital (dot) com. I can communicate in English and Spanish. Please don't send messages in HTML format to this address, use plain text instead. Also, don't send me any attachment without prior arrangement.
Feedback on any mistakes, typos, or inaccuracies found in these pages is most welcome. In particular, since my English is far from perfect, I will be very grateful for any corrections of the English pages.
News bulletin
For a few months this site had a subscription service for a news bulletin. The bulletin was intended to keep its subscribers informed of new pages and significant updates. However, technical problems which are out of our control caused the bulletin to never be issued with regularity, and the subscription service has been cancelled altogether.
Subscribers' names and addresses, which were never used for any other purpose nor transferred to any other person or organization, have been destroyed.
Currently, the only way to keep oneself informed on updates of this site is by periodically visiting the homepage or the Contents history page. Usually, I also posted the site news at the Geomag forum (unavailable at the moment), and I will continue doing so in the future if the forum, as we hope, is brought back to life.