Three mosques
The 20-agon used to build the Geomag logo is a good base to support a dome. From the 20-agon, a row made up of pentagons, and another one made up of triangles, make up a vaultlike ceiling ending in a regular decagon, where the dome rests. The dome is, in this case, a good portion of a pointed rhombicosidodecahedron. Add a few minarets, and you have a mosque:
GEOMAG constructions: Mosque 1, general view
Mosque 1, general view
1303 pieces: 329 balls, 664 rods, 40 pentagons, 138 squares, 16 rhombuses, 116 triangles (6.42 kg)
GEOMAG constructions: Mosque 1, inside view 1
Mosque 1, inside view 1
GEOMAG constructions: Mosque 1, inside view 2
Mosque 1, inside view 2
A very similar base structure (just the row of triangles is missing), but with a new dome design (wider at the base, and much nicer, in my opinion), and slanted minarets:
GEOMAG constructions: Mosque 2, frontal view
Mosque 2, frontal view
1301 pieces: 324 balls, 701 rods, 35 pentagons, 130 squares, 40 rhombuses, 71 triangles (6.52 kg)
GEOMAG constructions: Mosque 2, oblique view
Mosque 2, oblique view
GEOMAG constructions: Mosque 2, top view
Mosque 2, top view
GEOMAG constructions: Mosque 2, inside view
Mosque 2, inside view
This new base, a regular 30-agon, has a front court quite properly shaped as a crescent, and a main building shaped as an eye (the intersection of two circles):
GEOMAG constructions: Mosque 3, base building
Mosque 3, base building
The main building is two levels tall, and supports a dome (a variant of the previous one), which rests on just six points, four of them visible in this picture:
GEOMAG constructions: Mosque 3, general view
Mosque 3, general view
1290 pieces: 325 balls, 670 rods, 36 pentagons, 136 squares, 41 rhombuses, 82 triangles (6.41 kg)
GEOMAG constructions: Mosque 3, top view
Mosque 3, top view