GEOMAG constructions
This site contains 522 pictures of 185 different Geomag constructions. This is their distribution by rod quantity: To have all of them built simultaneously would require:
 rods  constructions 
 total 185
 quantity  pieces 
83692 balls 
222707 rods 
7537 pentagons 
32705 squares 
2254 rhombuses 
1915 triangles 
350810 total 
Every construction can be found in the indexes sorted by its total quantity of pieces, and also by each type of piece (balls, rods, pentagons, squares, rhombuses, or triangles), and by its weight. There are also indexes of thumbnails: all the constructions and all the pictures.
All the constructions are available from the left-hand menu. There is also a small foreword, a page with the author's contact information, and another page with the site's full contents history. The most recent updates are also included here:
Most recent updates
17 Dec 2007 New page: Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque, the biggest construction to date.
20 Oct 2007 Added page with Frequently asked questions on purchasing Geomag (and including link to collection graphical representation or Collection map).
26 Aug 2007 Updated Compound of five tetrahedra (two new constructions).
8 Aug 2007 News bulletin cancelled (see Contact information page).
1 Aug 2007 New page: Astronomical observatory.
28 Jul 2007 New page: The snub disphenoid.
25 Jul 2007 New pages: The sphenomegacorona, and Chapel 10: variation.
23 Jul 2007 New pages: Interlaced cubes, Modular cubes, The modular dodecahedron, Hyperboloids, and Lobel Frames.
18 Jul 2007 New pages on two Johnson solids: The sphenocorona, and The disphenocingulum. New Chapel 10.
3 Jul 2007 Added 2001 Space Station.
21 May 2007 Updated Chapel 9: variations.
13 May 2007 Added the construction weight to the indexes; it is computed based on data given by Karl Horton at the Geomag Wiki.
10 May 2007 Added Chapel 9: variations.
6 May 2007 Added Chapel 9.